Officially graduated from university!

Hey guys! I haven’t been able to post as much over the past few days as I’ve been quite busy 😦 Just wanted to share with you that I have officially graduated from university and have now got a BEng in Civil Engineering! It’s been a pretty crazy and hectic year so this was a pretty happy moment for me.

I’ll try to post more once I’m not as busy as well 😀

Hope you all have a great day ❤

Malaysia (Sabah) 2019


Kundasang is a town located in Sabah, which is famous for the view of Mount Kinabalu and the Desa cattle dairy farm. We stayed in a lodge in Spring Garden, which had a beautiful scenery of the mountains and the garden. It was a very peaceful and tranquil setting – perfect for a relaxing holiday. During our stay in Kundasang we visited a fish spa. This was no ordinary fish spa where you put your feet in a little tank with small fish inside, but a river with hundreds of large fish swarming around your feet (and body if you were brave enough). It took a while for us to get used to the fish sucking our feet.


Kudat is at the tip of Borneo and is the capital of the Kudat District. We went here on a day trip to visit a fish farm, where we were able to swim with the fish. We were pretty reluctant to get into the water at first because the fish were double our size and looked more like sharks. After being reassured by the tour guide that the fish were harmless, we managed to get into the water and have a swim (the one using the lifebelt is Dave HAHA). Check out my Instagram to see the seafood we had whilst in Kudat.

Kota Kinabalu

Kota Kinabalu is the state capital Sabah (also known as KK). We stayed in an apartment which overlooked the sea and the surrounding islands. The apartment also had an infinity pool outside where we were able to enjoy the sunsets. Next to the apartment was the Marriott hotel, where we got enjoy some refreshing cocktails with chicken wings and potato chips.

There were all sorts of restaurants and cafes in KK and had a wide range of food choices. Didn’t get to take many photos of the food but we did enjoy the food. The soft shell crab spaghetti was one of our personal favourites.

We did take a lot of videos but unfortunately they can’t be uploaded onto the blog (cause we’re using the free version lmao). If you want to see more then check out our Instagram! If you would like to see a Youtube video on our Malaysia trip then let us know in the comments 🙂

A day in the life of lockdown in the UK

It’s been around 2 months since the start of lockdown in the UK which is still ongoing. Shops, restaurants, cinemas and schools/universities remain closed meaning that we spend the majority of our time at home. Despite what is currently happening, we try to keep ourselves busy. Here’s our typical day during the lock down period.

Our sleeping schedule got messed up during the lockdown meaning that we end up waking up quite late (11am-12pm). Depending on my mood I will either make an effort to get dressed or stay in my pyjamas. For the sake of the blog I decided to get dressed and even wear one of my favourite pair of earrings (which I bought from Lovisa). After I’m changed I like to play a bit of Mobile Legends on my phone before doing some of my uni work. Dave usually goes straight to his laptop when he wakes up and will stay glued to his chair for around 3-4 hours playing CS and GTA V.

At around 4pm we were feeling rather peckish. After opening the fridge and realising we had nothing to eat, it was time to make a quick trip to Tesco. As you can tell Dave gets overly excited when grocery shopping and we usually end up spending about an hour in store. We also have to follow the arrows around the store now so it does take slightly longer to get to the aisles we want to.

Once we reached home Dave cooked chicken rice (a Malaysian dish) with soup for dinner. It’s pretty rare to see the sun in the UK so we made full use of it by eating out on the balcony.

In the evening I like to edit and work on the blog while Dave gets back to his gaming. After I’m done with my editing I end my day by binge watching some Netflix (currently into Better Call Saul). If you have any recommendations for good Netflix shows, let me know!

Japan 2019


Hakone is famous for its hot springs and its views of the iconic Mount Fuji. Although we didn’t get the chance to go to a hot spring, we did manage to get on a boat around Lake Ashinoko which went up to the Hakone shrine.

Unfortunately the day we went on the boat cruise was rather cloudy so we didn’t get to see Mount Fuji, but still enjoyed the cruise nonetheless. It was a calming and soothing ride with beautiful views. The boat ride lasts around 30 minutes one way and costs ¥1050 (£8) for a round trip. Hakone is a great place to visit for a countryside escape! Click here for more info about the boat cruise.


As soon as we reached Tokyo we went to Tokyo DisneyLand/Tokyo DisneySea (fun fact it’s actually located in Chiba not Tokyo). The admission rate for two days entry (DisneyLand and DisneySea) is ¥14,800 (£113) which can be purchased online or at any local convenience shop in Japan. If you want to get the fast pass (it allows you to skip the queue) for the most popular rides like Toy Story Mania and the Haunted Mansion, I would recommend you to arrive at the theme park at least half an hour before the opening time as the number of fast passes they give out is limited. If you’re looking for thrilling rides and your favourite Disney characters to take photos with, this is the place for you. Click here for more info.

So, we’ve reached central Tokyo. The best place to visit for delicious food, entertainment and sightseeing. We stayed in a small apartment just outside of Ikebukuro. It wasn’t a very big room but in terms of location, it was great! We visited many Tokyo hot spots including Harajuku and Shinjuku. One of the things that we LOVED to visit were the arcades which were usually 5 floors or more! The best arcades are located in Ikebukuro and Shinkjuku. The claw machines and the photoshoot booths were our personal favourites.

A must try restaurant in Tokyo is Nakiryu, which is famous for its tantanmen (a type of noodle dish). The average price for a noodle dish is around ¥900 (£7), which is not bad considering it holds a Michelin star. However, you will have to queue outside for around 45 minutes due to its popular demand, but it’s worth it. Hands down one of the best noodle dish we have ever had.

That concludes our trip to Japan. If you want to see what else we got up to, check out our youtube video below!