Food of the week (6/7/2020)

Monday – seafood spaghetti

tuesday – chicken and vegetable soup

wednesday – spicy noodles

thursday – sweet n sour pork with rice and veg

Malaysia 2018


Langkawi is an island off the coast of West Malaysia which is most famous for its cable cars. It costs RM85 for a ticket for the cable car and takes around 15 minutes to reach the top of the mountain. There’s no fan or air conditioner in the cable car so it does get quite hot but the view makes up for it. We also went to a 3D museum (second largest in the world), where you can take photos with optical illusion art. There is plenty of art work and would recommend it if you like to take pictures/selfies. The museum is located next to the cable car station and you can get a discount if you want to visit both the cable car and the 3D museum.


Our next stop was Penang, which took around half an hour by plane from Langkawi. Penang is known for its sandy beaches and is considered as the food capital of Malaysia. We visited a curry noodle bar (curry mee) which is run by two elderly twins, and has been running for over 60 years which I thought was really sweet. We also went to Avatar Secret Garden, where the trees and the surrounding plants light up at night. I would highly recommend this place if you are looking for some Instagram worthy photos.

Kuala Lumpur

Our final stop was Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia. On the right is the Petronas Twin Towers and on the left is the Batu Caves. We didn’t get to go up the Petronas Twin Towers but at least we got to see it up close. There were A LOT of monkeys at Batu caves which we found very cute until we saw one snatch food from someone’s bag… It was pretty tiring climbing up stairs on a hot and humid day (yes, I know we are unfit) but felt pretty rewarding when we reached the top. There is also a bat cave at Batu Caves but we weren’t brave enough to enter so we skipped on that attraction (yes, I know we are weaklings please let us be).

There is a wide range of delicious food in the capital, but our favourite has got to be the Japanese cheesecake. This was one the best cheesecake I have had (I am a big fan of cheesecakes lmao) and can be bought from the Tokyo Restaurant in the Lot 10 shopping centre. It was a very delicate yet rich cheesecake that would 100% satisfy any cheesecake lover. We also really enjoyed the banana leaf at Nirwana Banana Leaf Bangsar which our friends from KL introduced us to.

We went to a hotel a couple of times at night which had rooftop bar where we could get an exceptional view of Kuala Lumpur. The rooftop bar had a great ambience with some pretty tasty cocktails.

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