Madeira Island

Madeira is an island located off the coast of Portugal. It is well known for the Madeira wine and its vineyards. You can also go scuba diving and whale&dolphin spotting! We got to see a few whales when we went whale spotting but caught in on video which I couldn’t upload unfortunately. The cable cars are also definitely worth having a ride on to enjoy the spectacular view from up high.

My family and I stayed in a hotel which was located about a 10 minute walk away from the capital, Funchal. The hotel had a rooftop with a small pool and jacuzzi, where you could enjoy the beautiful view of Madeira.

The streets and alleyways in the capital were paved with cobblestones which I thought was a nice touch to the city cause it made the place look kinda clean if that makes sense?? Very aesthetically pleasing.

We walked A LOT on this holiday especially UPHILL. It’s worth it though if you want to get a good view of the landscape ( or just use the cable car if you’re feeling lazy to climb up).

Funchal is lively at night with many of the locals going out to eat and drink. We enjoyed the night by going out to the docks and gazing out into the sea/city.

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