A day out in Biarritz, France (2018)

Biarritz is a seaside town in the South West of France which is known for its surfing beaches. Unfortunately, the beaches were always packed during our stay so we didn’t get to swim much but we enjoyed looking around the shops and restaurants.

They have a wide range of fresh seafood all over Biarritz where you can enjoy good lobsters, prawns and shellfish. One of the restaurants we thoroughly enjoyed is where they served freshly baked bread with cheese, salami and homemade fish pâté (can’t remember the name of the restaurant sorry). The town itself was very vibrant and colourful with a traditional Basque atmosphere.

We went to Le Café de Paris for cocktails and snacks with a good view. The cocktails were pretty good and the canelé was sweet and tasty. While we were enjoying our drinks we got a visit from a couple of hungry sparrows looking for food. We tried putting a few crumbs from the canelé on my hand to see if they would eat out of my hand. Apparently the sparrows in Biarritz are quite friendly cause they did not hesitate at all 😀

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