Home work out

Although lockdown has been difficult, I wanted to take this opportunity to try something new which I would be able to do at home. I downloaded the Nike training app on my phone, which builds a workout course suitable for your body type. As I was only a beginner I chose to do the shortest course with no equipment which lasted 4 weeks.

Week 1: Aching everywhere as my body was not used to any form of exercise and couldn’t see much difference in my body (excuse the dirty mirror I do clean it I promise).

Week 2: Workouts didn’t feel as tough and could start to see a small difference around my stomach.

Week 3: Arms feel stronger and belly got flatter. Workouts got tougher and more intense throughout the week. Thighs got quite sore as it was mainly lower body workout.

Week 4: Not much difference physically but overall feel a lot fitter and healthier than I did 4 weeks ago. It felt very rewarding to finish the course and I am currently on another workout course. Thank you Nike training app!

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